Commercial Solar Systems

Power security a concern for your business?

The ROI (return on investment) on most commercial solar implementations is currently 40% per annum. Meaning the payback period is now well under 3 years.

We use the best quality SMA or SMA owned and ABB Powerone Inverters on all Commercial Installations.

Investments for a 10kw start at $7990 being SMA Inverter and ET Solar Panels and range through to 100kW for basically whatever daytime power generation is required.

Recently we've completed several 90kw and 100Kw commercial Solar panel installations across New South Wales and Queensland. We can also facilitate finance for the larger projects and have strong working relationships with ANZ and Westpac Banks in particular.

Retailers, agriculture, production, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution are all areas where Solar Investments payback will in most cases be under 3 years.

We are the experts on commercial solar and we can also advise you on what not to do.

For example, we recommend not putting on more Inverters than you require, with a view to putting on more panels later.
Essentially, technology changes all the time and the panels running on your present system will most likely have different voltages to ones you will want to add later.

Contact Dollar Solar to further discuss and learn about solar panel investment for your commercial enterprise today.

Some examples of recently completed commercial solar installation work.


  • 10kW Solar Package
  • $7990*
  • 43.2kW Average Daily Output
  • 40 x 270 watt (10.8kW) Tier 1 GCL Poly brand panels.
  • 10 kW ABB Inverter
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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The Latest News

Both fortunately and unfortunately, we will be changing our 5kW inverter supplier from Sungrow to GoodWe. Fortunately, because we consider the GoodWe 5kW inverter to be an upgrade to the Sungrow. All GoodWe inverters come with WiFi as standard with your solar data uploaded to the GoodWe monitoring portal every few minutes. Users can then view the results via a smartphone app or web browser. The assembled data i...
Recently Dollar Solar made the decision to offer ABB inverters as part of the standard package on our 10kW systems. Why? What’s so good about an ABB inverter? Well, for a start, let’s go back a little. ABB, as a company has some history. Lots of it. ABB can trace their lineage back to 1883 in Sweden, as ASEA and 1891 in Switzerland as Brown, Boveri & Cie. ASEA and BBC, also formerly kno...
Unavoidable price change on all Dollar Solar jobs. Obviously, we will not hold any clients who have previously accepted quotes to our revised quotes. We regrettably advise our customers that there has been a massive variation in the price of the Renewable Energy Certificates which has seen our base price on a standard 5kw system increase from $2990 to $3990 on our website. The decrease in the price of the ...