Why Go Solar?

There has never been a better time to go solar – Take advantage of the current SREC S … while they last ! 

IF this Government has its way  then They are phasing out soon ! Solar PV has a long history of supplying reliable ‘off grid’ power to remote and regional Australian communities.

Australia has the highest average solar radiation of any continent in the world, which means our solar industry has the greatest potential to lead the world. Solar provides a return on investment for over 25 years and a payback of around 2-3 yrs years.

The price of electricity is sky rocketing because of over spending by Utilities , and continues to rise at a rapid rate, this process is calledgold plated infrastructure being created in particular by NSW power distributors ( all govt owned !! ) Skimming in excess of 1 Billion Dollars per annum …and rising ! Solar is a fantastic opportunity to offset those increases.

Why “Rent” your power when you can own it!
You currently buy electricity from your energy company but once you’ve consumed this power you have nothing to show for it. Just an electricity bill you pay. Latitude adjustments for grid connected systems in most climates fit within an acceptable roof pitch range (eg: for Sydney’s latitude this is 22 degrees, a common roof pitch).

Solar Credits Scheme 
The Solar Credits scheme is a federal government initiative under the Renewable Energy Target legislation. The main participants in operating the scheme are renewable energy companies like Dollar Solar  and the Clean Energy Regulator.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates? 
In response to climate change, and to encourage the development of renewable energy, wholesale buyers of electricity such as retailers are required to source a portion of their power from renewable sources. This is demonstrated by the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) which must be surrendered to the Clean Energy Regulator . A renewable energy certificate (SREC) is a commodity in the REC market. SRECs are created by eligible parties and sold to liable parties. Their values are controlled by market forces; supply and demand meaning they can fluctuate up and down continuously. One REC represents the generation of 1 MWh (megawatt-hour) of electricity. As the total electricity produced by your Dollar Solar power system depends on the amount of sun that falls on your roof, the number of SRECs created by your system depends on its size and a factor linked to your postcode. The sunnier your postcode, the more SRECs you create. On installation, you create SRECs equivalent to the anticipated amount of power that your system will generate over the next 15 years. SRECs can be sold through companies that are authorised to deal in them.

Our base prices assume that you assign the RECs created by your system to us. We then sell them, and this reduces the out of pocket cost of your system. 

How much is it worth? 
The value of SRECs varies with market conditions. In the early part of 2012 prices ranged between $22 and $26 per SREC. Depending on your postcode and the price of SRECs, the value of SRECs that can be created on a 1.5 kW system is considerable  Higher amounts apply to larger systems. Dollar Solar  can tell you the current value of RECs for your system. 

Are there any conditions 
You can only claim SREC multiplier if you have not previously received them for an installation at the same address. You are also ineligible if any solar power system at the address has been supported by other federal government programs such as the Solar Homes and Communities Program. 

How do I access it? 
You simply need to sign a form assigning your RECs , and we will reduce the price of your solar power system accordingly. 

Who pays for it? 
RECs are purchased by electricity retailers and other wholesale buyers of electricity to fulfill their obligations under the Renewable Energy Target. Ultimately, the cost of the Solar Credits Scheme is spread across all buyers of electricity. New South Wales customers have no FIT,  which demonstrates the NSW Government’s poor commitment to supporting the growth of the renewable energy industry


  • 10kW Solar Package
  • $7990*
  • 43.2kW Average Daily Output
  • 40 x 270 watt (10.8kW) Tier 1 GCL Poly brand panels.
  • 10 kW ABB Inverter
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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