Hybrid solar systems take the best of both on and off-grid systems to provide stable, economical, environmental energy!

With a Hybrid solar system, you are still connected to the grid and so have the virtual guarantee and backup of the electricity network, but you also have, with an added battery, the ability to store energy for periods when conditions don't suit solar energy collection.

  • 6.48kW Hybrid Solar & Battery Package
  • $9890*
  • 25.92kW Average Daily Output
  • 24 x 270 watt (6.48kW) Tier 1 ET Solar brand panels.
  • SolaX SK-SU5000E 5kW Hybrid Inverter
  • LG Chem 6.4kWh Battery
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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  • LG 10kWH battery & Hybrid Solar Package
  • $13990*
  • 25.92kW Average Daily Output
  • 24 x 270 watt (6.48kW) Tier 1 ET Solar brand panels
  • Sungrow (SH5K) Hybrid Inverter
  • LG Chem 10kWh LV Battery
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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Prices include all solar panels, solar inverter, isolators, fixing rails, cable, conduit and delivery. Deilvery is included to Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane city metro areas only. Country / Regional or remotes areas may attract a shipping or freight charge – we support local installers even in Country / Regional or remote areas

About Our Solar Systems and What’s Included

Solar Panels

Our panels are Tier 1 and conform to all of the required international and Australian standards and accreditation. With literally thousands of them sold in Australia, you can be assured that they are a reliable and well proven units, ideal for all conditions throughout Australia.

AC to DC Inverter

Dollar Solar Systems use only proven and reputable grid connect inverters with a minimum efficiency of 97% and 5 year warranty. We use SMA owned business or ABB Power one on most Systems. These inverters have been used for thousands of installations around the world and are proven with an excellent warranty back-up system in Australia.

Mounting Frame

The Mounting Frame is a pre-engineered system suitable for tile and metal roofs. The mounting system has been designed to withstand wind loadings applicable under Australian conditions and has a design life of not less than 25 years. Importantly, it provides a ventilation gap underneath the solar panels, avoiding overheating and thus maintaining the performance of the system.

Switches and Circuit Breakers

Dollar Solar Systems are complete with all switches, circuit breakers, isolators, etc, as required to conform with the applicable Australian and Wiring Standards.

Cabling and Wiring

Your Dollar Solar System includes all cabling for DC and AC connections.

Testing & Verification

Each system supplied to your installer is tested and verified by them using proven protocols and procedures ensuring that your system is correctly installed

Design & Installation Certificate

You can be certain that your Dollar Solar System uses only Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar panels and inverters, and that the design and completion has been undertaken by CEC certified practitioners,
We are a large scale retailer of Grid Connected Solar Power systems. We are not electrical contractors. All installation component costs are quoted on behalf of Mitchell Lawler Licence #218722C, Licenced CEC approved Electricians.

Operating & Maintenance Instructions

Each System includes simple to understand Operating and Maintenance Instructions that are issued to you shortly after completion.

2 Year Complete System Warranty

Every Dollar Solar System carries a full system, 2 year warranty. The complete system is warranted, including equipment & design.

25 Year Solar Panels Performance Guarantee

In addition to the 2 Year Complete System Warranty and the 5 Year Inverter Warranty, the Solar Panels at the heart of the system carry a manufacturer’s 25 Year Performance Guarantee. This ensures that they keep generating clean renewable free electricity for a very long time.

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The Latest News

Hopefully, maturity comes to us all. And it is now coming to the renewable energy industry. We cannot live in a subsidised world forever and thankfully we have been given two years notice of the removal of the RET (Renewable Energy Target), which Prudential Energy (Dollar Solar) believes is a professional approach. The Industry has become cluttered with door to door salespeople, telephone canvassers and other d...
Recently Dollar Solar made the decision to offer ABB inverters as part of the standard package on our 10kW systems. Why? What’s so good about an ABB inverter? Well, for a start, let’s go back a little. ABB, as a company has some history. Lots of it. ABB can trace their lineage back to 1883 in Sweden, as ASEA and 1891 in Switzerland as Brown, Boveri & Cie. ASEA and BBC, also formerly kno...
Unavoidable price change on all Dollar Solar jobs. Obviously, we will not hold any clients who have previously accepted quotes to our revised quotes. We regrettably advise our customers that there has been a massive variation in the price of the Renewable Energy Certificates which has seen our base price on a standard 5kw system increase from $2990 to $3990 on our website. The decrease in the price of the ...