Dec 19, 2015
This is what Tesla's home battery, Powerwall, will cost to run in Australia LINDSAY HANDMER, LIFEHACKER, JUN 10 2015 Tesla’s Powerwall is a great concept — with the potential to reduce electricity ...
Dec 19, 2015
Follow this link to the national ABC Radio show on why an over-investment on poles and wires means that network charges to Australians are among the highest in the world. p...
Aug 4, 2015
This is a time of evolution for the Energy Market, both Fossil and renewable. Those of us in Renewables feel a bit like Henry Ford driving his first vehicle, the Quadracycle. Henry had his erstwhile...
Aug 2, 2015
Green Loans are here  Green Loans for available at an amazing 6%. In round figures that’s just $19 per month, per $1000 borrowed. So in essence, you’re savings pay for your system. For example,...

Get Off Grid!

  • On/OFF Grid 6.2kw
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  • Quality panels,inverter and battery
  • 24.8 kW Average Daily Output
  • 5.6kw Lithium GCL Battery
  • 24 Panels & 5 kW Inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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