Dollar Solar are changing our 5kW Inverter supplier to GoodWe

Dollar Solar are changing our 5kW Inverter supplier to GoodWe

Both fortunately and unfortunately, we will be changing our 5kW inverter supplier from Sungrow to GoodWe.

Fortunately, because we consider the GoodWe 5kW inverter to be an upgrade to the Sungrow.

All GoodWe inverters come with WiFi as standard with your solar data uploaded to the GoodWe monitoring portal every few minutes. Users can then view the results via a smartphone app or web browser. The assembled data is detailed, and when you connect batteries, it shows the charge/discharge rate and capacity of your batteries storage as well.

Sungrow is now not providing screens with WiFi and failed to notify us of this change. Add this to the generally unsatisfactory support we have received from Sungrow, and it made an easy decision to change suppliers. We consider the GoodWe inverters to have better technology built into the inverters, and the company provides great support, with an office in Melbourne, Australia.

The Sungrow is a good Inverter but without support and being a step behind in technology we have made the decision to change.

We have conducted our own testing and have not had a failure with the GoodWe’s. Additionally, when we do contact GoodWe for customer support (even posing as a customer) GoodWe have been the best of all Inverter companies to work with to date. All technology can have issues so good post-sale support is critical.

For more information about GoodWe please have a look at our supplier's page or the dedicated GoodWe page.


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