10 kW solar power system includes worlds best, German made, SMA Three Phase inverter plus 40 x 2600w Tier one Talesun or GCL  solar panels installed for  $8890.00!

This sytem is the best available product and excellent value.
We have a Stock order of 50 of these systems.

Suitable for business or large, power-hungry households; depending upon usage will save approximately $4000.00 per year from your current electricity account.

Installation by Mitchell Lawler Lic 218722c included in this price.
For Regional areas we can use a local Clean Energy Council Certified electrician , some delivery costs may be incurred for longer distances 

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What's Included:

40 x 250W Tier 1 Talesun
solar panels

10 kW Solar Systems $8890 SMA German Inverter

1 x SMA Three Phase

10 kW Solar Systems $8890 SMA German Inverter

Talesun Specification Sheet Here.

Talesun Youtube Video Here.


10 year
Install warranty

10 kW Solar Systems $8890 SMA German Inverter

25 year
Efficency warranty

10 kW Solar Systems $8890 SMA German Inverter

5 year
Inverter warranty

10 kW Solar Systems $8890 SMA German Inverter

Finance packages available with installs. 

Looking for an easy payment plan?

For further information, please either contact Dollar Solar, or see our FAQ section.

Prices are out of pocket assuming standard installation and site, organised and payable directly to nominated CEC accredited local installer.

No deposit Bank finance price includes all solar panels/ solar inverter / isolators / fixing rails / cable and conduit and delivery for Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane city metro areas only.
Country / Regional or remotes areas may attract a shipping or freight charge – we support local installers, including in Country / Regional or remote areas

*Priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

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