Our 2kW packages soon pay for themselves.

Suitable for growing households on a budget, with depending upon usage will save approximately $600.00 per year from standard electricity bills.

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What's Included:

8 x 260W
Tier 1 GCL
solar panels

2 kW Solar Systems

1 x high quality

2 kW Solar Systems

Be wary, the phrase Tier 1 is a concept used deceptively in the Solar Industry.

To find out more about which companies are Tier 1 providers, see out explanation here.


25 year
Efficency warranty

2 kW Solar Systems

5 year
Inverter warranty

2 kW Solar Systems

For further information, please either contact Dollar Solar, or see our FAQ section.

Prices are out of pocket assuming standard installation and site, organised and payable directly to nominated CEC accredited local installer.

No deposit Bank finance price includes all solar panels/ solar inverter / isolators / fixing rails / cable and conduit and delivery for Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane city metro areas only.
Country / Regional or remotes areas may attract a shipping or freight charge – we support local installers, including in Country / Regional or remote areas

*Priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

  • 2 kW
  • $2399
  • 10 kW Average Daily Output
  • $600
    Average Annual Saving*
  • 8 x Tier 1 GCL Panels & 2 kW Inverter
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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