Just $9,990 for a 5.1kW Hybrid Solar Power system with an LG battery!

Producing 20.4 kWh per day

There is a very good argument that Hybrid solar power systems are the best of both on and off grid worlds.

With a Hybrid solar system, you are still connected to the grid and so have the virtual guarantee and backup of the electricity network, but you also have, with an added battery, the ability to store energy for periods when conditions don't suit solar energy collection.
Hybrid solar systems take the best of both on and off-grid systems to provide stable, economical, environmental energy!

Our base Dollar Solar Hybrid System includes:

  • 5.1kW Hybrid Solar power system
  • 20 x 255W OpalSolar Panels (data sheet)
  • 6.4kW LG RESU Battery (data sheet)
  • 5kW SolaX Hybrid On Grid Off Grid Inverter (data sheet)
  • *Installation included on behalf of Lic number 218722c

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What's Included:

20 x 255W OpalSolar Panels
5kW SolaX Hybrid On Grid Off Grid Inverter
6.4kWh LG Battery


25 year Efficency warranty

5.1kW Hybrid Solar System with LG battery

5 year Inverter warranty

5.1kW Hybrid Solar System with LG battery

For further information, please either contact Dollar Solar, or see our FAQ section.

*Prices are out of pocket assuming standard installation and site, organised and payable directly to nominated CEC accredited local installer.

No deposit Bank finance price includes all solar panels/ solar inverter / isolators / fixing rails / cable and conduit and delivery for Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane city metro areas only.
Country / Regional or remotes areas may attract a shipping or freight charge – we support local installers, including in Country / Regional or remote areas

*Priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

  • 5.1kW Off Grid
  • $9,990
  • 20.4 kW Average Daily Output
  • 6.4kw LG RESU Battery
  • 20 x OpalSolar Panels &
    5 kW SolaX Hybrid Inverter
  • Quality hardware
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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