Just $13,990 for an Off Grid 6.2kW Solar Power system!

Producing 24.8 kWh per day

This system can be either on grid (only drawing from the grid when conditions don't suit solar energy collection) or completely off grid.

Our base Dollar Solar Off Grid System includes:

  • 6.2kW Tier one GCL Panel Solar power system
  • 24 x 26OW GCL Tier one Panels
  • 5.6kw Lithium GCL Battery (data sheet)
  • 5kw Goodwe Hybrid On Grid Off Grid Inverter
  • *Installation included on behalf of Lic number 218722c

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What's Included:

24 x 26OW GCL Tier one Panels

24 x 26OW GCL Tier one Panels

5kW Goodwe Hybrid On Grid Off Grid Inverter

5kW Goodwe Hybrid On Grid Off Grid Inverter

5.6kWh Lithium GCL Battery

5.6kWh Lithium GCL Battery

For many of us, the idea of running your home completely free of utility companies is a very attractive one!

Off-grid Solar Systems – which many refer to as Stand-alone power systems (SAPS) – are in many ways a very simple system. At its heart, an off-grid solar system uses solar panels to charge a solar battery to provide power. A inverter is used to convert the sun’s energy collected by the solar panels, to a useable electricity source.

By storing the electricity in a solar battery, it is possible to power your home exclusively from solar power, even during the night or weather periods not suited to solar energy collection.

Going off-grid tends to bring up ideas of roughing it, or communal living, however the reality with today’s technical advances is that off-grid or hybrid off grid (calling on the grid to only “top up” energy needs) are available to all with a suitable roof structure.

With the changes to the energy rebate scheme, anyone with an existing solar panel system or considering a new solar power system, you should weigh up the potential advantages of battery storage for your situation.

Battery storage allows you to store the excess solar power you generate from your solar panels. Instead of sending this solar energy back to the grid, and receiving a low feed in tariff, you could choose to store your energy in a battery for later use. Without a battery, the electricity grid acts as your storage mechanism, only you must pay far more for the electricity!

For off grid systems, batteries are essential, and for many – if not most – solar grid systems, adding a battery to the infrastructure can be advantageous.


25 year
Efficency warranty

Looking for an Off Grid Solar System?

5 year
Inverter warranty

Looking for an Off Grid Solar System?

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*Prices are out of pocket assuming standard installation and site, organised and payable directly to nominated CEC accredited local installer.

No deposit Bank finance price includes all solar panels/ solar inverter / isolators / fixing rails / cable and conduit and delivery for Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane city metro areas only.
Country / Regional or remotes areas may attract a shipping or freight charge – we support local installers, including in Country / Regional or remote areas

*Priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

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