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Dollar Solar provides the best Design and Project Management services for all renewable energy projects. We identify all the project requirements and make sure everything is completed on time and within budget.

A whole range of design, engineering, and solar power plant project management services are available at Dollar Solar. This ensures that your project fulfills all Clean Energy Council and International Standards.

Documentation is an important part of Project Management and Dollar Solar prides itself in providing systematic documentation using detailed user manuals. These manuals eliminate the problems that are often overlooked in large-scale solar projects.

Why Your Business Should Go Solar!!

We at Dollar Solar work with all types of businesses helping them to develop projects that will employ the vast potential of unused solar energy .Whether the focus of the project is offsetting current energy usage and reducing energy bills or investing in large scale solar farms, our team works with clients to develop commercial solar power systems that reflect their energy usage and budget.

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    $0 Capital Outlay

    With $0 upfront finance plans,you can rent system and buy it at the end of the term.

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    Positive Cash Flow

    Pay off the system. Positive cash flow within no time.

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    Government Rebates

    Australian Government is offering up to 40% upfront rebates for businesses willing to switch to solar.

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    Lower Your Energy Bills

    Electricity is one of the biggest overheads for an operating business. A solar power system will help you reduce your bill immediately.

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    High Return on Investment

    Investing in solar will help you achieve up to 40% ROI The sun is with us every day for almost 12 hours!

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    Increase the Value of Your Property

    With $0 upfront finance plans,you can rent system and buy it at the end of the term.


Location: Doonside High School NSW

Client: NSW Department of Education

System Size: 22 kW

Panels: Canadian Solar Inc – CS3U-334SP(IEC1000V)

Inverter: SMA Australia Pty Ltd 30kW Sunny Tripower Model STP25000TL-30

Challenge: Being a high school and open to students Monday – Friday we had to carry out the installation during school holiday periods and after and before school hours. Panel placement was complex due to the roof structure.

Technical: The contract documentation from the government was very detailed and required numerous site inspections during the process. Proper documentation, logistics management, and time management skills, we were required to complete the entire project on time and budget.

Results: Due to a detailed logistics and time management plan we were able to reach all the time goals set under the contract and we came in on time and on budget. We have been advise that the installation has achieved major energy savings.


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