Inverters and Support: What Inverter and Why?

The biggest issue for our Industry has been Inverter suppliers and their support or lack there of, we believe some of the poorest experiences are with the Major three Brands.


If you can get SMA to answer on the 1st call, you are doing very well. It is not an experience we have had in the past eight years.


ABB have an automated service that puts you in a loop and you wait and wait and wait, so we know longer deal with them although their product is quite reasonable.


Incredibly difficult to deal with, there responses are very slow and tedious. They do support their products eventually but they are painful, not customer supportive and slow.

None of these companies like to deal with their faulty products directly with the customer, Australian Consumer Law can seem to be a bit of a non starter for them at times.

In 2017 we were approached by Goodwe, we really needed another Chinese Inverter company as if we needed Root Canal Therapy, although I had faith in their service manager Mike Zhang. Mike had been through the mill with other Inverter Brands and I knew him as a stand up guy, on that basis we agreed to a small Trial.

We commenced the Trial with Goodwe without any issues, we then commenced a Full on Install program. To date have not had 1 warranty claim in over 500 installations – this is incredible in Inverter world. We did false warranty claims and Goodwe were so reactive. They take direct interest when asked to assist. Goodwe in our experience have the best Product and product support in their segment in Australia, I know this seems like a commercial for them, but hey it’s the reality.

Sungrow are improving and increasing their range of product. Huawei are expensive and their 20kw product and above does not support wifi, which is rule 101 in this industry. We tried them but not for us.

We cannot stress even though complaining about the three major European suppliers that not going with a proven Inverter supplier is a significant Risk. We caution against going for any brand that does not have dedicated offices staff on the ground for warranty purposes and a traceable supply chain for when you have a failure. Make sure the company has been around more than a few months as well.

This is an opinion piece designed to help you. Good luck!

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