10kW Premium Solar Package

$7990* for a premium installed 10kW solar power system (actually producing 11kW's!), which includes the choice of a 3 Phase Fronius or SMA Inverter!

Suitable for business or large, power-hungry households and those seeking the best quality; depending upon usage this package will save approximately $4000.00 per year from your current electricity account.
ROI (return on investment) on this system is estimated to be 2.25 years!

*Terms of pricing and installation

This is a Premium 10kW solar package. Each of the individual elements (panels, inverter, installation) are ranked as the best quality.

What's Included:

40 x 275 watt (11kW) Tier 1 ET brand panels.


Fronius IG Plus 120 V-3 inverter


SMA Sunny Tripower inverter


Package Details

What will it provide?

This system will provide you with over 44kW hours per day. This is generally considered enough for a small business or large, power-hungry household. For Regional areas we can use a local Clean Energy Council Certified electrician, some delivery costs may be incurred for longer distances.


25 year Efficency warranty

5 year Inverter warranty

10kW Premium Solar Package
44kW Average Daily Output
40 x 275 watt (11kW) Tier 1 ET brand panels.
10 kW Fronius (3 Phase) or SMA inverter
Quality panels and inverter
Extended Warranties

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