Hybrid 10kW, Three-phase solar package $9990.00*

Hybrid 10kW, Three-phase solar package $9990.00*

Dollar Solar is very pleased to announce our new 10kW, Three-phase Hybrid solar system package. At only $9990.00, the package includes installation, the new X-Hybrid inverter from SolaX and 44 Talesun TP660P 275W Tier 1 solar panels.

Our 10kW, Three-phase Hybrid solar system package has an average daily output 48.4kW, which will suit even the largest of power-hungry users. 

For a limited time, we are offering a free upgrade of an extra 2kW of panels, making the actual package, 12kWs!.

The 10kW X-Hybrid inverter is compatible with numerous batteries which sets the SolaX apart from many inverters. The X-Hybrid inverter is also equipped with a built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply), has multiple communication options and can be controlled remotely (WiFi).

Built to last, Talesun TP660P 275W solar panels come with a worldwide 25-year investment-grade insurance-backed warranty and are renowned for their efficiency and reliability. Talesun is one of the top 10 companies in Bloomberg's Tier 1 list of PV module manufacturers and boasts one of the world's largest, fully-automated production lines for photovoltaic modules and cells. Talesun panels also have a linear power guarantee. This ensures each panel can still reach more than 80% of the panels rated output after 25 years.

Move quickly, as our offer of just $9990.00 for this system is an introductory offer only, and may be increased at any time.

More information at www.dollarsolar.com.au/hybrid/10kw-hybrid-solar-package

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