6.6KW System

Dollar Solar's biggest selling package.

Package Details


The 6.6KW solar system is our most popular package, providing 24.2kW hours per day – perfect for the average family home.


The $3590 package features 24 x 275 watt Tier 1 ET panels and a 5kW GoodWe WiFi inverter with a 10 year (5+5) warranty.

Optional Upgrades

  • Upgrade to 5kw SMA inverter – add $899 (not recommended)
  • 22 X ET 300W Perc Mono for $290


  • 24.2kW average daily output
  • 20 x 330 Seraphim Panels
  • 5kW Growatt Inverter
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean energy accredited
  • Extended warranties
  • 330W Tier 1 Panel

On sale


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