Warning on Dealing with Fronius Inverters

We have recently taken flak, some deserved for our post about Fronius’ lack of Customer/Consumer support. We weren’t clear in our message.

Our issue is not with supporting our own Customers but clients of Failed retailers (The Door to Door types here today gone tomorrow).

We don’t have a sales team, we are referral or website enquiry only. We support warranty issues in all instances. However, we get a lot of calls from end users of other failed companies asking us for help which is very time consuming. All other Inverter companies have someone for these customers to contact.

Our issue is that when a consumer who has purchased a Fronius Inverter and dealt with a Retailer now no longer in business is that currently Fronius refuse to deal with the Consumer for any warranty issues.

Fronius insist on the Consumer dealing with solar suppliers only. This means that the end user has no support in instance of Inverter failure.

Fronius has a fair share of failures. If you ring their service department to check – it doesn’t exist on a B2C level. You are told they are Business to Business only and state same.

As an Industry and as consumers, we need to ensure Fronius can support their products with end user Customer warranty support in these instances and they not be pushed away.

It would be great if Retailers and Installers had to be accredited with various Inverter companies. This way the Consumer can check when purchasing and again have a process when warranty happens after being installed by these approved companies.

This can be resolved and needs to be, the Industry should be for long term players and reputable business’s

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