What’s so good about an ABB inverter?

Recently Dollar Solar made the decision to offer ABB inverters as part of the standard package on our 10kW systems.


What’s so good about an ABB inverter?

Well, for a start, let’s go back a little. ABB, as a company has some history. Lots of it.

ABB can trace their lineage back to 1883 in Sweden, as ASEA and 1891 in Switzerland as Brown, Boveri & Cie.

ASEA and BBC, also formerly known as Brown Boveri, were two of the proudest and best-known names in European electrical engineering history. ASEA and BBC merged in 1988 to form ABB.

So with ABB, with have history. We also have size.

ABB employs more than 160,000 people around the world.

This is not a small company.

So we have, size, history, and we also have the best of European quality.

With more than 40 years of expertise designing power inverter and converters, ABB has become one of the largest players of inverter technology on the market.

ABB develops solar inverters that are not just reliable but also covered by the global service and support offered by a massive company. ABB inverters are generally better priced than comparable units from its perhaps better-known competitors, SMA and Fronius.

Simply put, ABB inverters work.

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