Why bigger is better with solar.

With electricity prices doubling over the past five years, and expected to rise another 20 per cent this year, it is no wonder we’re busy at Dollar Solar!

The fact is, installing a solar system is now a no-brainer for the average Australian household.
However, a big question for most homeowners and businesses is, how big should you go?

In its new Solar Sizing: Bigger is Better report by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) says that large residential solar systems, per panel, are now cheaper than small solar systems.

Since 2012 large systems (5 kilowatts or more) have fallen in price significantly more than smaller systems, while feed-in tariffs are starting to increase due to rises in the wholesale electricity price

“After modelling a wide range of scenarios, we found very few cases in which a 2-kilowatt solar system of six to eight modern panels achieves economic payback quicker than a 5-kilowatt one,” said Andrew Reddaway, the report’s lead author.

“Five-kilowatt systems often achieve payback in six to seven years, and only a few outlying scenarios see a payback longer than 10 years. Where feed-in tariffs have risen to 11 cents per kilowatt hour or greater, it can even be worthwhile installing solar on unoccupied buildings.”

Our 5kW and 10kW packages certainly fit the bill, and also highlight the value of larger solar systems.

Contact us for more information, or a free quote.

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